About Us

The One Stop Shop Concept

Established over a decade ago, OBM prides itself as being one of the first complete IT solution providers catering for the small to medium sized business sector. Its strength has come from the 'One-Stop-Shop' approach which has consistently ensured that the customer is put first by being presented with a single point of contact for all its IT needs. This is greatly appreciated by our clients who before being won over to the OBM approach to business, had to deal with a varient of different vendors who often blamed each other for their failings.

OBM Systems, however, is committed to the one stop shop concept by which we provide the complete package of hardware, software, installation and training.

How can this help your business?

The one stop shop concept means there is one point of contact between your business and our team of experienced technicians and consultants. All too often, companies are faced with damaging delays as their IT ‘solution’ gets passed from one supplier to another, each disclaiming responsibility. This wastes both time and money.

OBM will accept sole responsibility for your project. We are able to assign a dedicated team member to your business who will competently handle all your IT needs. Your OBM consultant can then work with you to co-ordinate all your IT requirements without interruption, ensuring that OBM fullfils its pledge to become a trusted part of your company’s success.

OBM Systems is available to discuss the ways in which a network can help your business, and how we can assist in improving your existing networks.

Please call us for a free no obligation consultation.